Samsung: The sharp decline in chip sales will continue until next year
12/16/2022 2:34:08 PM
On Wednesday (September 7) local time, Kyung Kye hyun, head of Samsung Semiconductor, said at a news conference that it is expected that the sharp decline in chip sales will continue until next year
Kyung pointed out that as the world's largest chip manufacturer, Samsung will make appropriate responses to the rapidly changing market environment. Earlier this year, industry executives generally believed that the second half of 2022 would be stronger than the first half. Kyung said, but by the end of spring, the situation has become clear, and demand has not rebounded, but will slow down significantly.
Although the market growth slows down, Kyung said that Samsung will continue to expand investment and R&D expenditure. He suggested that Samsung could take advantage of the economic downturn to capture more market share, but did not make further explanation.
During the COVID-19, with the surge in demand for scientific and technological products, the semiconductor industry took the wind and achieved record growth. However, since 2022, the impact of high inflation, rising interest rates and geopolitical tensions has weakened consumer and enterprise spending, which surprised many chip companies.
According to the recent forecast of the World Semiconductor Trade Statistics Organization, the global chip sales are expected to increase by 13.9% this year to 633 billion US dollars, which is down from the 16.3% growth rate previously predicted.