Tata Group plans to start manufacturing chips in India within a few years
12/16/2022 2:29:41 PM
According to foreign media, Natarajan Chandrasekaran, chairman of Tata Sons, the main investment holding company of Tata Group, said on December 8 that Tata Group would start to produce semiconductors in India within a few years, and planned to launch new businesses in electric vehicles and other fields, including manufacturing electric vehicles and electric vehicle batteries, producing renewable energy and developing one-stop "super apps". He said that Tata Group plans to invest 90 billion dollars in the next five years.
"We have established Tata Electronics and will set up semiconductor assembly test business under the company," said Chandrasekalan. "We will discuss with many enterprises." He also disclosed that Tata would "study the possibility of eventually launching the upstream chip manufacturing platform (i.e., the wafer factory)".
Although the demand for semiconductor intensive products such as smart phones and electric vehicles is growing rapidly, India has almost no semiconductor industry except for the software design industry.
Chandrasekalan also mentioned that Tata Group hopes to uniformly manage the acquired Indian Airlines, as well as Tata Singapore Airlines and Air India Asia, which belong to the same group. He said that this did not mean the merger of brands.